Art Taipei 2013


Art Taipei celebrate this year its 20th Anniversary. Among the 148 galleries which participate in the fair this year, more than half come from overseas. The 78 foreign galleries come from 15 different countries/regions, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.

The spirit of the event this year is After 20, 20 After, Art as a Way of Cultivation. By taking 20 as a starting point, the energies accumulated through rich experiences of the past will lead to further growth and vigor. For the past twenty years, there were upheavals regarding both the external environment and the internal demand. Art Taipei reflects on its own relation to the industry. On the one hand, it adapts itself to international situations and repositions itself accordingly. On the other hand, it also assumes the educational mission of art appreciation in the country. Art Taipei has become a unique platform for contemporary art dealing in Asia.

Lehmann Maupin gallery from New York (established in 1996), Ben Brown Fine Arts from London (established as an individual brand by a senior manager of Sotheby’s in 2004), Silverlens from Manila (the leading contemporary art gallery in Philippines): all these galleries participate Art Taipei for the first time.

Regarding the design of exhibition areas, the ‘Art Classic’ section dedicated to the first generation of Taiwanese painters of western style will be one of the underlying sections that characterize the fair. In addition to the ‘Art Galleries’ section that covers the largest area in the fair, the ‘New Media’ section that enhances the status of the country as an island of technology and the ‘Fresh Art’ section that nurtures new galleries, Art Taipei this year will especially expand the ‘Young Artist Discovery’ section that aims at promoting young artists. In order to show Art Taipei’s particularity as an indication of the market, the fair this year further invites young artists from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and other Asian regions, making Art Taipei a platform of exchange and a spring-board for emerging artists to enter the international arena.

Vernissage: November 7th | 6.30pm – 9pm Open:Friday, 08 November 2013Close:Monday, 11 November 2013Address: Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall One, No. 5, Hsin-yi Road, Sec. 5, TaipeiMail: info@art-taipei.comWeb:Art TaipeiOpening hour:11am – 7pm

Admission:Adult 300 NTD | Concession 200 NTD

Photo credits:Courtesy of Art Taipei

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