TM Sisters: I think it’s in my head

Girls’ Club Collection

Girls’ Club has engaged Miami artist team TM Sisters – sisters Monica and Natasha Lopez de Victoria – to collaborate with the collection of contemporary art by women amassed by Fort Lauderdale collectors Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz.

After viewing works in the collection, the TM Sisters, who themselves create works in a range of media, have selected works which spoke to the mysterious attraction the girls felt to each piece. The exhibition is titled “I think it’s in my head”, derived from aTracey Emin neon sculpture in the collection.

Works in all media have been chosen for their vivid metaphysics: transforming figures, metamorphosis, supernatural mysteries, telepathic communication, explosions of psychic power. Some works depict visible protagonists. In others, the viewer is the subject, witnessing the magic internally.

In addition to works installed in the gallery, “I think it’s in my head” will expand to encompass Girls’ Club’s interior and exterior architecture plus the environment directly outside its downtown Fort Lauderdale building, with commissioned works by local artists.

The catalog: Augusto Mendoza, graphic and book designer, will design the catalog and announcements for the exhibition. Texts for the catalog will be contributed by TM Sisters, by Claire Evans, lead singer of the band Yacht and by Miami writer/artist Vanessa Garcia.


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