Exhibition Chifra 1 2013 China – France

“In China, modernity in art is not a quality in and of itself. Each new generation of artists does not feel obliged to provoke a breach with the past in order to affirm itself and to exist. The teaching of the techniques of painting – on paper or on canvas – have not changed and one learns to paint as previous generations did, while remaining open to the rest of the world ”Rémy ARON, founder of the association ChiFra Paris.
The first of a series of international exhibitions launched by Chifra #1 will take place in Paris in front of the Grand Palais during the FIAC. This ambitious project is the result of the initiative of a Chinese collector and patron of the arts, DENG Xihong, who was impelled by the desire to show three generations of distinguished Chinese artists whom she felt deserved to have the same aura in the Occident as other stars of contemporary art promoted by the media. The artists she defends, trained in the techniques of pictural art, are central figures in the Chinese cultural panorama, much esteemed by the public and highly rated on the asiatic art market.This exhibition is coordinated by FAN Dian, director of the NAMOC in Beijing (National Art Museum of China). In organizing this exhibition DENG Xihong wished to show the decisive role occupied by France in international culture in the 20th century. It does indeed reveal to what extent the tradition of the teaching of art in France influenced Chinese painting and sculpture. The First generation of Chinese artists went to Paris in early 30’s, and went back China to teach and promote oil painting in China. After the end of the Cultural Revolution in the 1980’s, China opened to the world and created new relations with the Occident. The work of new generations of artists, inspired by a large variety of sources and mediums, participated in the development of contemporary Chinese art, while other new avant-garde movements were just beginning to see the day.

Open:Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Close:Monday, 28 October 2013
Address: Pavilion on the Champs-Élysées Avenue,
Opening hour:10am – 8pm
Photo credits:1. HONG Ling, Summer, Oil on canvas, 80x190cm, 2012; 2. WANG KEJU, Movement of wind, Oil on canvas, 200×160 cm, 2013; 3. GUANG JUN, Girl, Engraving on Wood, 96×84 cm, 2006

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