Ali Kazma: Book

Galeri Nev İstanbul

Book is the first photographic exhibition by Ali Kazma in Turkey, shown in the space of Galeri Nev Istanbul.The exhibition presents works from the archive of Ali Kazma, a collection of more than eight thousand photographs taken in libraries, bookshops, print houses, bookbinderies and many other places related to books by curator Régis Durand.The photographs are organized by thematic categories and invite the audience to reconsider the production processes of books and the connection between readers and books. Ali Kazma focuses on the materiality of the book, making the activity of reading visible through photography but also offering to the visitors the opportunity of being part of the world with which the artist is familiar, the one of production, know-how and precision.Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Ali Kazma received his master’s degree from New School in New York. After his return in 2000, Kazma still lives and works in Istanbul. The videos in Kazma’s Obstructions series are concerned with fundamental questions related to human labor and activities. The artist has shown his works in Istanbul Biennial (2001, 2007, 2011), Havana Biennial (2006), Lyon Biennial (2007) and Sao Paulo Biennial (2012) as well as contemporary art institutions like Tokyo Opera City (2001), Platform Garanti, Istanbul (2004), Istanbul Modern (2004) and San Francisco Art Institute (2006). With his new video series prepared for the 55th Venice Biennial “Resistance”, Kazma directed his artistic interest to exploring the body as a potential platform for resistance.
Ali Kazma

Open:Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Close:Saturday, 26 October 2013
Address:Galeri Nev İstanbul, İstiklal Caddesi Mısır Apt. No:163 K:4 D:23 Beyoğlu, Istanbul
Phone:+90 212 252 15 25
Web:Galeri Nev İstanbul
Opening hour:Tue – Sat, 11am – 6:30pm
Photo credits:Ali Kazma, 2013. Photographs from the archive. Courtesy of Galeri Nev Istanbul


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