The Ileana Sonnabend Collection

The collection includes works by artists discovered by Ileana Sonnabend (1914 – 2007) – together with Peggy Guggenheim, perhaps the greatest talent scout of the late 20th century – and promoted in memorable exhibitions in her galleries, providing space for the most advanced experimentation in art: from Neo Dada to Pop Art, from Minimal Art to Arte Povera, from Conceptual Art to Neo Expressionism and contemporary photographic art.

Some of the great names of 20th century art stand out: Andy Warhol, Richard Serra,Jeff Koons, Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Tom Wesselmann.

Displayed periodically, during the course of 2014, the exhibition will focus on a significant group of masterpieces, such as Jasper Johns’ ‘Figure 8’ of 1959, and ‘Interior’, one of the famous combine-paintings produced by the great Robert Rauschenberg, and dated 1956.

There will also be a series of rare drawings by Roy Lichtenstein executed in the 1960s, and a group of Italian Arte Povera works, a movement that is well represented in theSonnabend collection by artists who are today famous and who at the time experimented with ‘poor’ materials (natural, organic, industrial), used for their expressiveness of primary and sensorial immediacy, as can be seen in the extraordinary works of Gilberto Zorio, Mario Merz, Giovanni Anselmo, Giulio Paoliniand Jannis Kounellis.

  • Open:
    Friday, 30 May 2014
  • Close:
    Sunday, 04 January 2015
  • Address:
    Santa Croce 2076, 30135 Venezia
  • Mail:
  • Phone:
    +39 041 721127
  • Web:
    Ca’ Pesaro
  • Photo credits:
    1. Robert Rauschenberg: Interior, 1956, © Sonnabend Collection, New York; 2. Jasper Johns: Figure 8, 1959, © Jasper Johns, by SIAE 2014 © Sonnabend Collection, New York; 3. Claes Oldenburg: Roast Beef, 1961, © Sonnabend Collection, New York; 4. Michelangelo Pistoletto: Uomo seduto, 1963, © Sonnabend Collection, New York


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