Slow Future

About twenty artists present new works in the exhibition Slow Future at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.

The theme of the exhibition is degrowth, a social movement advocating that we should abandon the current model of compulsory economic growth and search for ways to improve the quality of life within the limits of capacity of natural environment. Degrowthists question the supreme value of material possessions and propose alternative models of economy – barter, cooperatives, co-ownership, and community exchange.

In times of economic crisis, such concepts become highly appreciated and inspire artists from all over the world. The exhibition is a follow-up of the Emergency Pavilion – Rebuilding Utopia (2013) show in last year’s Venice Biennale.

Its curator, Jota Castro (born in Lima, Peru, 1965) is a French-Peruvian artist-activist. In his work, he often reveals the mechanisms of contemporary consumption and examines social issues in the context of sustainable development, ecology, as well as alternative models of economic exchange.


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