Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

The second edition of QUOZ Arts Festival launched last year by Alserkal Avenue andArtintheCity partnership with Emirates NBD, returns with an expanded program and public events spanning across 32 arts spaces within art, music, design and film spectrums.

This November QUOZ will build upon its arts festival atmosphere with more public programming in partnership with Art Dubai and Dubai International Film Festival, as well as an expanded list of participants reaching 32 art, design, music and film venues with a variety of free events tailored to their programmes, and giving visitors the unique opportunity to discover the local arts scene and engage with the gallerists, artists, creatives and cultural minds alike. The full day programme of events, which extends from 10am – 10pm will include live. 

Alserkal Avenue Arts District will welcome visitors to explore the contemporary art spaces through guided tours by gallery directors and artists, talks and art events offering a unique opportunity to meet and discover the program of the art galleries within.

‘QUOZ provides a unique daytime platform to discover the creative fabric of Al Quoz, including Alserkal Avenue Arts District, which will facilitate additional educational events for the community through its A4 pop-up space,’ states Vilma Jurkute, Director of Cultural Development in Alserkal Avenue.

  • Open:
    Saturday, 23 November 2013
  • Close:
    Saturday, 23 November 2013
  • Web:
    Alserkal Avenue
  • Opening hour:
    10am – 10pm



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