MADA New Media Festival


The Miami Art Dealers Asociation (MADA) is a non-profit organization founded in Florida in order to promote the professional standards of art dealers and to develop awareness of the visual arts to both local and international communities. One of the most exiting events organised by the association is the New Media Festival, this year at its third edition, the NMF will be broadcasted worldwide with a live stream on October 10th at 7pm (Miami time), giving access to everyone to the MADA NMF programming!For the first time in New Media history an art festival will take place exclusively on What’s UP Lounge and broadcasted in over 10 cities. For five weeks, from the 10th of October to the 15th of November, the MADA New Media Festival will present contemporary perspectives on WhatsApp, Google Hang Outs, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, film, video art and other time-based art forms and people are invited toconnect to the festival official stream and become part of a global community of art lovers.The daily program will feature artworks from established and emerging artists from all over the world and will follow MADA NMF vision of building a visual bridge between periods of time, various movements, disciplines and innovation. Contemporary perspectives on filmmaking and other time-based art forms from the last decades are linked with MADA NMF video clip highlights. The MADA NMF invites the audience to trace the evolution of time and innovation within the arts, while the featured artworks challenge ideas of social network, everyday life and the possibilities of cultural communication. Participating Artist:
Abidiel Arpillaga, Adrian Monzon, Adriana Barrios, Alejandro Ramirez, Amparo Sard, Ana Carvallosa, Angela Varela, Beatriz Londono, Benito Iaren, Carlos Llavata, Carlos Puig, Cc Brown, Chanoir, Consuelo Castaneda, Claudia Robles, David Palacios, Emanuel Morales, Emmes More, Ernesto Garcia, Ernesto Oroza, Fan Popo, Filio Orlan, Gaston Ugalde, Gladys Triana, Glexis Novoa, He Xiaopei, Jan Voss, Joan Casellas, Jose Luis Landet, Jose Toirac, Leslie Gabaldon, Lucia Pizzani, Luis Bofill, Nela Ochoa, Nelson Aliso, Nicolas Guillen, Nina Dotti, Manuela Covini, Marina Abramovic, Marta Perez Bravo, Mauzz, Meira Marrero, Michelle Angela Ortiz, Miguel Angel Montoya, Orlando Yasmail, Robert Wilson, Rodolfo Peraza, Rod Summers, Sara Gomez, Sergio Giral, Philip Glass, Svetlana Mirchena, Vj Highme M, Willen Wilhemus, Xue Jianqiang, Yolanda Duarte, Yuan Yan and moreCurators:,
Gerardo Zavarce, Jane V Hsu, Nina Fuentes, Rondha Mitrani

Open:Thursday, 10 October 2013
Close:Friday, 15 November 2013

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