Liverpool Biennial 2014

The 2014 Liverpool Biennial Exhibition, titled A Needle Walks into a Haystack, is curated by Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman and takes place in seven venues, including the historic Trade Union Centre on Hardman Street, Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, FACT, and in the public realm.

Continuing its commitment to producing new work and this year, also inviting artists to show some of their previous projects, the Biennial group show presents work by Uri Aran (Israel), Marc Bauer (Switzerland), Bonnie Camplin (UK), Chris Evans (UK), Rana Hamadeh (Lebanon), Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (France), Judith Hopf (Germany), Aaron Flint Jamison (US), Norma Jeane (US), Nicola L. (FR), William Leavitt (US), Christina Ramberg (US), Michael Stevenson (New Zealand), Josef Strau (Austria), Peter Wächtler (Germany) and Amelie Von Wuffen (Germany).

Alongside the group show, A Needle Walks into a Haystack will feature four solo presentations: a transformation of Tate Liverpool’s Wolfson Gallery by the legendary French architect Claude Parent, one of the avant-garde’s most revered and radical figures; an exhibition devoted to James McNeill Whistler at Bluecoat; the first solo show in the UK of American artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart; the takeover of an apartment in Liverpool for a series of screenings and conversations around the work of experimental Belgian TV director Jef Cornelis, exploring the relationship between television and art, documentary and artist films.

Over the weekend of 19 – 21 September, a programme of performances titled The Companion will take place, which will mirror and reflect on various times of the day: artists appear in cafés during breakfast, at bus stops during the morning commute, in a pharmacy during an afternoon errand, or in a theatre right after dinner. In addition, there will be work by artists and curators in solo and group shows and performances throughout the city.

  • Open:
    Saturday, 05 July 2014
  • Close:
    Sunday, 26 October 2014
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  • Phone:
    +44 330 123 0584
  • Web:
    Liverpool Biennial
  • Photo credits:
    1. Michael Stevenson: Proof of the Devil, 2013, Courtesy of Michael Lett and the artist; 2. Norma Jeane: #Jan25 (#Sidibouzid, #Feb12, #Feb14, #Feb17…), 2011, Courtesy of Giulio di Gropello, Photo by Tommaso Zamarchi; 3. Josef Strau: Exercises, 2013, Courtesy of the artist and Greene Naftali, Photo by Jason Mandella; 4. Chris Evans: Home Entertainment 4 Metres, 2011, Photo by I-Ling Liao, Courtesy the artist and Juliette Jongma

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