Christodoulos Panayiotou

Spring welcomes Christodoulos Panayiotou for a two-month residency in Hong Kong from March to May, 2014. He will embark on a project in Guangdong province, researching artificial flower factories. A workshop by fellow artist Philip Wiegard will engage children in creating handmade wallpaper in a series of patterns developed by the artist from a historic artisanal technique that requires the small fingers of children.

The research and workshop programmes culminate in an exhibition hosted at Spring, and will feature Panayiotou’s new works against the confrontational backdrop of Wiegard’s wallpaper. Topics such as artisanship and mass production, pre-industrial and globalized production, representation, economy and the history of child labor, all of which are central to the exhibition, will also be explored through talks and discussions held at Spring.

Special Opening:

During Art Basel from 10am to 9pm.


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