VIP Party by Jim Drain and Bhakti Baxter

Miami-Dade Art in Public Places

Miami artists Jim Drain and Bhakti Baxter will create a five day “VIP Party” that will take place in cargo containers located on the waterfront area of PortMiami. Visible from the I-395 Causeway and Government Cut, those traveling by vehicle or boat will become voyeurs to the most exclusive make-believe party during Art Basel. This work was commissioned by Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places to celebrate the completion of two public art projects at PortMiami, Jim Drain’s The Bollard Project, a monumental installation of 1,000 artist designed traffic control bollards, and Bhakti Baxter’s Coral Reef City, a series of 18 toll booths wrapped in photographs of an undescribed species of zoanthids discovered by the scientific art endeavor Coral Morphologic.

Permanent works by Claes Oldenburg-Coosje van Bruggen, Edward Ruscha, Michele Oka Doner, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Daniel Arsham/Snarkitecture, and Jose Bedia, amongst others are on view around Miami-Dade County.


  • Artists:
    Bhakti Baxter
    Jim Drain
  • Open:
    Wednesday, 04 December 2013
  • Close:
    Thursday, 07 November 2013
  • Address:
    I-395 Causeway and Government Cut
  • Web:
    Miami-Dade Art in Public Places
  • Opening hour:
    From sundown to 11pm
  • Photo credits:
    Bhakti Baxter and Jim Drain, VIP Party, Temporary Installation Commissioned by Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places

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