Transformer: Aspects of Travesty

Richard Saltoun, London

The London art galleryRichard Saltoun announces the re-proposition ofTransformer: Aspects of Travesty, a groundbreaking exhibition curated by Jean-Christophe Ammann in 1974.

The original show opened atKunstmuseum Lucern and dealt with the aesthetics of desire and sexuality through travesty and drag performance.

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the original show the exhibition will reunite all the artists featured that time for the first commemorative event since then.

The exhibition takes its name from the 1972 album by the recently deceased glam-rock star Lou Reed, finding its parallel with regard to the world of fashion and glam rock of the 1970s.

The aim of the exhibition is to explore the ’70s contemporary society and art practice considering the aspects of transvestism and sexual self-reflection in art, as well as to examines the politics and aesthetics of transgressing identity and at the disruption of male sexuality through incorporating characteristics usually labelled as ‘feminine’, as Brian Eno reflected with a text written for the original catalogue.

Original artworks from Lucern will be displayed at Richard Saltoun Gallery, featuring the same sexual explicit contents and including some lesser-known artists.

A series of releated events such as talks, performances and screenings, will accompany the exhibition. Check the website for further innformation about the programme.

The exhibition is curated by Giulia Casalini, collaborator of Richard Saltoun gallery and co-director of CUNTemporary, a non-profit organization promoting feminist and queer art practices and theories.

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