Salon Suisse 2014: The next 100 years – Scenarios for an Alpine City State

Initiated and organized by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Salon Suisse is a programme of talks and events supplementing the exhibition at the Swiss Pavilion.

It takes place at the Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi in the heart of Venice’s old town, offering a platform for exchange on contemporary architecture and thought in a relaxed atmosphere.

This year Salon Suisse, entitled The next 100 years – Scenarios for an Alpine City State, will be curated by Zurich-based architects and urbanists Hiromi Hosoya andMarkus Schaefer.

Hosoya Schaefer was established in 2003 and specializes in architecture, urban design and research. The office has worked on a wide spectrum of international projects including a 230-ha masterplan in Ljubljana, an office building and a department store in Milano or train stations in Toronto. It recently was awarded a Red Dot Grand Prix for Mobiglobe, a research and communications project on sustainable mobility for Autostadt, a subsidiary of Volkswagen. In Switzerland, the office won first-prizes for the Airport Engadin and Warmbächliweg, a housing development in Bern, and now has its first architectural projects under construction. In 2011, the office concluded a regional study ‘Metrobild’ for the Metropolitan region of Zürich and several urban design studies and projects throughout Switzerland. In 2012, Hosoya Schaefer Architects organized the professionally and publically acclaimed symposium, ‘Learning From Tokyo’ at the Architecture Forum in Zurich and published its findings in cooperation with the magazine Arch+.

The Salon Suisse is a talks and events programme free and open to everyone. 

Partner of Salon Suisse is Laufen Bathrooms AG.

OPENING DAY – Inaugural Session
Saturday, June 7th: 11am – Inaugural hearing on the possible “Scenarios for an Alpine State”

SALON 1: Design – The Nature of Cities
Thursday, September 4th: 6pm – Time and Infrastructure
Friday, September 5th: 6pm – Systems, People and Power
Saturday, September 6th: 6pm – Scale, Progress and Durability

SALON 2: Build – The Reality of Cities
Thursday, October 9th: 6pm – Intensions, Rules and Politics
Friday, October 10th: 6pm – Plans, Programs and Participation
Saturday, October 11th: 6pm – Interactions, Commons and Public Space

SALON 3: Use – The Culture of Cities
Thursday, October 30th: 6pm – Cooperative, Open and Resilient
Friday, October 31st: 6pm – Communal, Collective and Constitutive
Saturday, November 1st: 6pm – Identity, Ideas and Institutions

CLOSING WEEKEND – Final Assembly
A session to summarize and edit the results of the previous Salons in collaboration with writers and journalists
Thursday, November 20th: 6pm – Plot, Play and Participation
Friday, November 21st: 6pm – Narratives, Descriptions and Scenarios
Saturday, November 22nd: 6pm – Open Editorial Meeting and Party

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    Salon Suisse, Dorsoduro 809, 30121, Venezia
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    Salon Suisse
  • Photo credits:
    1. Palazzo Trevisani degli Ulivi © Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia; 2. Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer, photo by Joe Schmid. Courtesy of Swiss Arts Council

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