Disobedience Archive (The Park)

Salt Beyoğlu presents Disobedience Archive in a specially created architectural setting by Herkes için Mimarlık (Architecture for All). Disobedience Archive is an ongoing, multi-phase video archive and platform of discussion dealing with the relationship between artistic practices and political action. In particular, the videos and ephemera at Salt Beyoğlu survey forms of “disobedience” from the 1970s Parco Lambro uprising in Italy to the Gezi Resistance in İstanbul. The project is an atlas of the plurality of resistance tactics such as direct action, counter-information and biological resistance. By setting in motion different signs and situations, Disobedience is presented as a network of open topics, brought together by artists, activists, film producers, philosophers and political groups.

In 2005, Marco Scotini, curator with Andris Brinkmanis of Disobedience Archive, planned a traveling exhibition of videos, graphic materials and ephemera whilst in Berlin. From there Disobedience became an ongoing, multi-phase video archive and platform of discussion that deals with the relationship between artistic practices and political action. The archive is an itinerant and ongoing entity that changes its form and content every time it is exhibited. This approach is strongly connected to the flux of contemporary politics and movements, because they can never find a definitive final shape (trade unions, party, parliament etc.) but are always under transformation. The project aims to be a guide to four decades of social disobedience seen through history and geography. The Disobedience Archive has over the years gathered hundreds of documentary elements: from the Parco Lambro revolt in Italy in 1977 to the global protests before and after Seattle; from the recent insurrections in the Middle East and Arab world to the Gezi Resistance in İstanbul; from the historic videotapes of Alberto Grifi to videograms of Harun Farocki; from the performances of tactical media activists Critical Art Ensemble to those of the Russian collective Chto Delat?; and from the investigations of Hito Steyerl to those of Eyal Sivan, Mosireen and Videoccupy collectives.

Versions of the archive were previously shown at institutions including Riga Art Space, Latvia; MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, USA; Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy; and Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden. On this occasion the archive will include internationally sourced materials that date from the 1970s Parco Lambro uprising that took place in Italy up until the 2013 Gezi Park events in İstanbul.

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    Tuesday, 22 April 2014
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    Sunday, 15 June 2014
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    Salt Beyoğlu
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    Tues – Sat | 12noon – 8pm; Sun | 12noon- 6pm
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  • Photo credits:
    1. Bernadette Corporation: Get Rid of Yourself , 2003; 2. Piero Gilardi with Collettivo La Comune: Andreottile, 1977; 3. Alberto Grifi: Dinni e la Normalina, 1977. Courtesy of Salt Beyoğlu

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